2017.4.7(fri) DENSHI-ONKYO-ZANMAI vol.3

電子音響三昧 vol.3
Electro-acoustic Samadhi vol.3

2017年4月7日(金) 19:00スタート
2017.4.7(fri)  19:00 start

at Noo Kitty (Baika/Osaka)
Fee: 1,000yen


石上 和也  Kazuya ISHIGAMI

Daniel James Ross (from UK)

Kaori Yoshikawa + Tetsuya SNOOO Dohgase


Daniel James Ross (UK)

ロンドンを拠点に活動する作曲家/音楽ソフトウェア開発者。アルゴリズミック・コンポジションを得意としている。Resonance FMのラジオ番組や、Noizemaschin!! London(www.noizemaschin.com)での毎月開催の実験音楽ライブシリーズなどを企画している。また、ロンドン南東部にある実験音楽ネットワークSEEM(www.seemlondon.wordpress.com)を運営している。

Daniel is an algorithmic electro-instrumental composer, musical software developer, and promoter based in London. He is a PhD candidate in composition at Goldsmiths University studying with Patricia Alessandrini and Roger Redgate. He has recently had work premièred at the National Museum of Wales and the Brighton Fringe. Daniel has had his music released on Classwar Karaoke, Noizemaschin!!, and NX Records. He improvises using custom built software with the bands Some Some Unicorn, Mega Trio, and Roddart, the latter having reached the finals of the Engine Room International Sound Art Competition 2015. Daniel presents Beethoven Was Wrong and other radio shows on Resonance FM and lectures at Morley College in several music and music technology subjects. Daniel co-organises Noizemaschin!! London (www.noizemaschin.com), a monthly experimental music concert series, and runs SEEM (www.seemlondon.wordpress.com) the south east London experimental music network committed to community music making and programming.


Kaori Yoshikawa

Kaori Yoshikawa and the Refusal to Listen

A multidisciplinary Japanese poet who works with performance, sound, voice, photographs, painting, text, objects and moving image. Her performances have been called “still life”, containing at times marginal movements and elements of theatre – through a series of works such
as Solo Clubbing, in which Kaori Yoshikawa engages with food that she finds distasteful or nauseous, the Invasion / Trespass series that sees Kaori Yoshikawa negotiating with the act of simultaneously dressing and undressing, or Kaori Does Her Own Plumbing, in which she practises synchronized writing with both hands. Making irregular appearances are sound pieces from her No Loitering: The
Poetics of Sound field recording series which is based on the idea of otomore (Japanese): sounds that leak from others’ domain into ours. From otomore of personal headphones and live houses to arguments and conversations in public city spaces that enter our ears, we find ourselves facing invasion. When these sounds are recorded, the line between invasion and trespass becomes blurred and the sounds themselves become suspended and isolated from ownership.
Recent performance at Terminal – XNCTV, Monterrey, Mexico: https://www.facebook.com/TLXNCTV/videos/262639097481313/


Tetsuya Snoo Dohgase

Tetsuya “Snoo” Dohgase
A Japanese artist whose career encompasses deep explorations of an extraordinary range of subjects, including not only art, music, and dance he himself creates or performs, but also critical and curatorial work on other artists. Unlike the creations of those who have received education at an art college or an equivalent educational institution, his activities
seem all the more individualistic and conspicuous for his unacademic backgrounds.


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