When Sealwave Arrived, The Angels Turned To Stone / Awkward Geisha + KAZUYA ISHIGAMI from MTRec Distribution (USA)

KAZUYA ISHIGAMI – Nerve 202112

from Split Cassette with Awkward Geisha [When Sealwave Arrived, The Angels Turned To Stone] – MTRec Distribution(USA)


Limited Edition Cassette

Awkward Geisha:
All songs performed, recorded and produced by Ade Rowe for Dolphintone Productions. Live Keyboard Improvisation was recorded live in Kentucky, USA.

All sound performed, recorded and produced by KAZUYA ISHIGAMI.

KAZUYA ISHIGAMI is a Japanese composer, sound performer, sound engineer and programmer. Owner of the Kobe based label Neus-318. Born March 18, 1972 in Osaka, Japan. He studied electronic music with Satoshi Shimura and computer music with Kazuo Uehara at Osaka University of Arts.

Cover art by Tom Antona

Tom Antona is a musician and artist best known for being the vocalist of Alice Donut.

released February 26, 2022