Mind Liberation / KAZUYA ISHIGAMI from Dada Drumming(USA)

Mind Liberation by KAZUYA ISHIGAMI

Kazuya Ishigami, whom some of you may remember from the project Daruin (and as a member of the infamous “Billy?”), has been steadily releasing music since 1992, primarily on his own imprint Neus-318, and select Japan-based labels. Kazuya’s music can be described as mosaics of sound, almost Dadaist in composition. Relying on drone, found sound, and his own intricate tapestries to create beautiful works of music. His talent was recently put on display in a virtual collaboration with Ned Rothenberg as part of the Music From Japan 2021 Festival streamed live on YouTube in early March, which you can still find on the Music From Japan Foundation artists page.

This CD release finds Kazuya heavily influenced by Buddhist concepts and teachings. Sometimes noisy and sometimes tranquil, just as the mind in transition. An intricate and sometimes delicate sound composition in two parts for your journey on the Path of Enlightenment. Packaged in a 4-panel digipak.

Arranged and composed by Kazuya Ishigami.
Production period: August to December 2020.
2021 Dada Drumming

released April 4, 2021

W/P by KAZUYA ISHIGAMI. Text and design by Dada Drumming.