It Happened One Night (Kazuya Ishigami track only)

Digital Album
¥500 JPY  or more
Digital Album is Only Kazuya Ishigami ‘s tracks- 4 songs.
If you’d like to listen “Shine on me”‘s tracks, please buy CD album.


Compact Disc (CD)
Shine on me / Kazuya Ishigami
It Happened One Night
¥1,500 JPY

1tr. Wheel of Fortune / Kazuya Ishigami – 05’03
2tr. The Great Hermit / Kazuya Ishigami – 06’08
3tr. Fool on the beer / Kazuya Ishigami – 04’20
4tr. Try to the temperance / Kazuya Ishigami – 09’39
5tr. hope / Shine on me – 03’12
6tr. Much roly-poly is attached to the rucksack / Shine on me – 07’42
7tr. Under a roadside tree / Shine on me – 04’17
8tr. The sea cannot be seen from here / Shine on me – 08’09

NEUS-318 Label