Brain Ticket Death #14 — 1 JUL 2018

S Boatright’s Mixlr event “Brain Ticket Death #14”, Sun Jul 1 at 10:00pm – 12:00am(EDT)

Tracking List: 1) Puta Malaria-“Adapt to the Noise you Hate” & 2) Awkward Gigaku- “Slow Torture Puke Chamber”: both from PxMxAxG- HNM Jazz 3) Bloody Blue- “Non-Existence” 4) DDM- “Das ist Keine Ubung”- Unerhort- Marvin’s Audio Produkte 5-8) T. Mikawa- “Once Strung, Never Forgotten”, Kazuya Ishigami- “muri-de-su-2017Apr”, Bergegas Mati- “Excorcism of Momotaro”, and Macronympha- “Hope for the Hopeless 2”- VA- Motel- Gimp Gash 9) Jugendwerkhof- “Blutstatte I”- Blutstatte- Low Life High Volume Records 10) Conure- “The Repetitive Nature of Being”-….Making the Way for the Future”- Inner Demons Records 11) Choisir le pire- “Lille[ XXVIII-VI” 12) Ptah- “E”- Pieces