2017.4.27(thu) DENSHI-ONKYO-ZANMAI vol.4

電子音響三昧 vol.4
Electro-acoustic Samadhi vol.4

2017年4月27日(木) 19:00スタート
2017.4.27(thu)  19:00 start

at Noo Kitty (Baika/Osaka)
Fee: 1,000yen


Mitsuaki Matsumoto 松本充明

Tetsuya SNOOO Dohgase

Kazuya ISHIGAMI 石上和也 + Christian Kobi(from switzerland)


Christian Kobi(from switzerland)
Born in Berne (Switzerland). Studied classical music at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel with further studies undertook in Paris (Cité Internationale des Arts), Lucerne (postgraduate degree) and Zurich (Master of Music in Performance) in the fields of improvisation and contemporary composition. Numerous appearances at home and abroad, solo and together with various improvising music ensembles in Australia, USA, Japan, UK, Lybanon etc.
2004 Founder and artistic director of »zoom in«, a festival for improvised music at Berne Minster.
2006 Co-founder of the new music label «CUBUS RECORDS».
2012/13 Artistic director of Szofa Budapst (supported by Pro Helvetia)
His music is available on various recordings. His latest is the 2013 album  r a w  l i n e s .


mitsuaki matsumoto  松本充明
Mathieu Martin名義で、観客に生理的感情を与えることを目標とする、特定の方向または視覚的な形態を持たない作品を制作している。こういった観点から、彼はまた舞台美術を制作している。
演奏家としては、バンドネオン、自作プリペアド・シタールや電子楽器を使用したパフォーマンスを展開している。また、ライブコンサートシリーズ企画”croisements kagoshima”を定期的に開催している。

“audio-visualist”, visual artist, composer, sound performer, scenographer.
lives and works in Kagoshima (south of japan).

Under the name of Mathieu Martin, he had been developed it his work, which had no particular direction nor visible form, for the goal to give to the spectators a physiological feeling. By this point of view, he creates also scenography.

As a musician, He plays in differents contexts: acoustic improvisation music (bandoneon), prepared sitar (self-made instrument), electronic sound accompaniment for the dance etc. .. He also plays in collaboration with instrumentalists : Pierre Bastien, Hans Koch, Cristian Vogel, Gaudenz Badrutt, Roland Pinsard, Vincent Laubeuf, Cédric Piromalli, Pascal Le Gal, Patrice Grente, Yasumune MoriShige, Ko Ishikawa etc. And choreographers, notably with Jayachandran Palahzy (indian choreographer), he played in Venice Biennale, Bonn Biennale, Monaco Dance Forum, Dance Munich, Julidance(Amsterdam) etc..

His solo work concern about “no-sence”. He tries to create “a sensory space”, not only musical work. For realise it, he use different means, from acoustic to electric, from analog to digital, from stereo to surround.

Currently, He performs in the improvised music scene in collaboration with various musicians.

In Tokyo He organizes also the “croisements” festival Tokyo edition (solo improvisation festival – postponed now) for the reflection about the nature of improvised music and now in Kagoshima prefecture “croisements kagoshima” concert series.


Tetsuya Snoo Dohgase
Tetsuya “Snoo” Dohgase
A Japanese artist whose career encompasses deep explorations of an extraordinary range of subjects, including not only art, music, and dance he himself creates or performs, but also critical and curatorial work on other artists. Unlike the creations of those who have received education at an art college or an equivalent educational institution, his activities
seem all the more individualistic and conspicuous for his unacademic backgrounds.



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